Police foil BBQ plans after finding passengers hidden in the boot and under a blanket during State of Alarm patrol in Costa Blanca’s Alicante

A Valladolid bar owner and customer have been sanctioned at the weekend for flouting State of Alarm regulations.

OFFICERS carrying out a routine State of Alarm patrol discovered a passenger hiding in the boot of a car and another under a blanket on the back seat, arresting them both and the driver after they admitted breaking lockdown rules to have a barbecue.

National Police became suspicious when they stopped a car appearing to have one occupant in Avenida de Denia in Alicante, and noticed ‘a large bundle’ on the back seat of a vehicle.

When they searched the car, they found a second person hiding under a blanket and a third stashed in the boot along with food, beer and firewood for a barbecue.

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It then became apparent they had violated State of Alarm measures numerous times, firstly, to pick up each other from El Campello to travel back to Alicante, secondly to buy everything they needed for the party and thirdly to go back to El Campello to spend the day together.

Due to their ‘repeated violation,’ all three were arrested.


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