Local politicians in Spain’s Costa Almeria donate half wages to coronavirus vaccine investigation

GESTURE: The councillors want to “demonstrate their solidarity and commitment” to a society hit hard by Covid-19 CREDIT: mattthewafflecat on Pixabay

THE Antas mayor and councillors are donating half this month’s salary and 50 per cent of their wages for the following months if the State of Alarm continues to “study and investigation to try and find a vaccine against Covid-19.”

“Due to the health crisis in our country caused by coronavirus, and more specifically in our municipality, and in the face of the difficulties it is creating in our society, the mayor and councillors want to demonstrate their solidarity and commitment to society,” Mayor Pedro Ridao stated in an official communication posted on the local authority’s Facebook page.

“This is a fight involving us all, and which we are sure we will pull through,” the communication ends.



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