Far-Right Party in Spain, Vox, Pitches a ‘MasterChef Style Show’ About Bullfighting to Andalucia’s Canal Sur


THE far-right party has asked the state-owned media company to support the national sport with a new talent show dedicated to bullfighting.

Vox has proposed to Canal Sur Television, the local network for the south of Spain, to broadcast a show of a similar format to MasterChef but focusing on the world of bullfighting. This request is even more shocking considering that one of the party’s initial demands was to shut down the Andalucian television channel, Canal Sur.

When approaching Parliament’s monitoring and control commission for Radio Television of Andalucia (RTVE), Vox’s Deputy, Francisco Jose Ocaña, proposed the development of a Canal Sur programme which aims to “perpetuate and learn about bullfighting in Andalucia, with a similar format to that of MasterChef, but focusing on the bullfighting world.”


He backs up his question by stating that the MasterChef programme has been “very attractive to the general public and could be applied to the art of bullfighting in order to promulgate and generate knowledge in this area to new generations and preserve this heritage.”

He adds that bullfighting is an art, culture, and intangible heritage of Andalucians which has thousands of followers in the region and some of the best “bullrings, schools, stud farms and a host of other companies” from the bullfighting world.

Ocaña highlights that “it is essential to promote and take care of bullfighting to preserve its continuity and professionalism over time, as it is an important part of Andalucia and the rest of Spain.”


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