China is Fighting Back over Spain’s Covid-19 Kit Quality Complaints


CHINA says that it has sold nearly four billion protective masks around the world, as a Commerce Ministry spokesperson strongly responded to criticism about the quality of medical exports to countries like Spain.

China has despatched 3.86 billion masks, 37.5 million pieces of protective clothing, 16,000 ventilators and 2.84 million Covid-19 testing kits to over 50 countries since the start of March, according to customs official Jin Hai.

However numerous nations, including Spain, have complained about substandard or faulty medical products that have been received from China.

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Spain last week rejected thousands of rapid test kits sent by a Chinese company after they were found to be faulty.

Chinese officials hit back over the defective medical supplies, saying that they “did not reflect the full facts.”

“In reality, there are various factors, such as China having different standards and different usage habits to other countries. Even improper use can lead to doubts over quality,” said Jiang Fan, from the Ministry of Commerce.


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