BREAKING NEWS: Coronavirus passed peak in Spain’s Balearic Islands

ENCOURAGING: There has been a marked downward tendency in the new infections increase this week. CREDIT: mattthewafflecat on Pixabay

CORONAVIRUS contagion is slowing down in the Balearic Islands, according to Infectious Disease Autonomous Committee spokesman Javier Arranz.

“We have now passed the peak and we are in a slow descent,” Arranz commented today Sunday on the latest Health Ministry figures, although he also cautioned that he could not say there would not be another upturn.

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There has been a 1.7 per cent increase in the number of people testing positive for Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. While this is slightly up on Saturday’s rise of 1.1 per cent, there has been a marked downward tendency over the last seven days.

A week ago the daily increase in the number of infections was 11.1 per cent. This had dropped to 5.7 per cent by midweek and to 4.4 per cent between Thursday and Friday.

The total number of people on the islands who have caught coronavirus now stands at 1,293, 22 more than on Saturday, although the number who have fully recovered from the virus mean there are 757 active cases. Of these, 194 are health workers.

Another four people have lost their lives since Saturday, putting the archipelago’s Covid-19 fatality total at 75.

There are 515 coronavirus patients being treated in Mallorca’s hospitals, of which 85 are in intensive care.

The Balearic government’s Health and Consumer regional ministry has repeated the need for people to follow the instructions given out to ensure the effectiveness of the islands’ health resources and the best care for those most in need.

Anyone who believes they have coronavirus symptoms, like a persistent cough, temperature or tiredness, or who needs to go to a medical centre for any other reason, should first call either 902 079 079 or 971 437 079 so the level of priority can be determined and to find out what to do.


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