Bogus food delivery workers arrested for drug dealing during lockdown on Spain’s Costa Blanca

SCARED: Boy, 6, found perched on fourth-floor balcony railing in Valencia. CREDIT: File Pic

THREE bogus delivery cyclists in Alicante and Valencia were found to be hiding cocaine and marihuana inside their ‘food boxes.’

National Police have arrested three young people using the guise of delivering food to families in lockdown as a way to supply drugs.

A statement from the force in Valencia, said officers noticed a young man riding a bicycle belonging to a food delivery company who, on seeing them, showed an ‘evasive attitude and a certain amount of nervousness,’ which aroused their suspicions, so they stopped him.

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Inside the ‘food delivery bag’ they found several packages wrapped in aluminum foil that ‘gave off a strong odour of marihuana,’ along with €575 and a set of weighing scales.

During State of Alarm measures in Alicante, officers found one ‘delivery driver’ was found to be carrying an ‘unusual amount of money, compared to what is usually carried by other workers in the same activity,’ which made officers suspect they might be taking advantage of the home delivery system to distribute drugs.

In a second incident in Alicante, police intercepted a suspect on their way to a hairdresser’s, which remained open despite the restrictions. There officers say they were caught ‘hiding cocaine in their delivery case.’

All three have been charged with a drug trafficking offence, in addition to failing to comply with State of Alarm social distancing measures.


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