As people are at home in Spain during lockdown delivery companies are reducing pollution

Fewer visits less pollution Credit: Public domain

SINCE the lockdown in Spain, delivery companies have had to make far fewer wasted journeys as people are at home which in large cities has been a major contributor to the reduction in pollution.

It sounds bizarre but the delivery sector used to have to cope with multiple visits to people’s homes because so many were out at work, collecting children from school or just simply out.

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For those company involved with supplying goods for online shopping companies, the surge in business has been phenomenal due to the State of Alarm and according to international accountants Deloitte it caught many by surprise although they have generally managed to cope because people are in to accept their goods.

This is an area that has been growing considerably over the past decade and as even more people become online savvy, many will increase their usage once the crisis is over but as so many people have been affected by reduction or absence of salary, certain areas will take much longer to build whilst others such as food can expect to keep a high percentage of their new trade.

There are plenty of challenges ahead for this sector as petrol and diesel are going to be phased out and pedal power can only manage to deliver quite small volumes, mainly in the take away food area.

What also needs to be considered is the logistics of moving very large amounts of product from warehouses to supermarkets for example when there is a worldwide demand to cut pollution and currently there is very little available in the form of affordable electrically powered goods vehicles.


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