4-Month-Old Baby with Coronavirus in Costa del Sol’s Malaga is Removed from Ventilator

Mother abandons baby who tested positive for coronavirus in hospital
Surprise! Baby is born at home as Brit was unaware she was pregnant Credit: pexels

THE baby is progressing in a satisfactory way at the Materno Infantil Hospital where he was transferred from the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella on March 16.

The Andalucian government has informed that a four-month-old baby who was admitted to the Materno Infantil Hospital in Malaga with coronavirus, after having been transferred from the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella on March 16, was extubated on Thursday.

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When the baby was removed from his respiration unit, medical staff celebrated by flooding the room with applauses. The chief of the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Materno Infantil Hospital, Jose Camacho, explained that the baby is “progressing in a satisfactory way” after removing his medical ventilator on Thursday.

The patient is currently stable and will hopefully, in the upcoming days, be transferred once again out of the ICU. “Fortunately, cases like these in the ICU are very exceptional during this pandemic and these are normally due to patients associated with underlying illnesses or other viral infections,” Camacho has informed.

He has also wanted to express his gratitude to the medical staff and to all the population for their efforts: “Cases like this one, in which we have been able to remove all forms of assisted respiration are the ones which fill us with the strength needed to battle this virus,” he concluded.


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