Watch Police Brutality in Madrid as a Spanish man brandishing two Samurai Swords goes ‘Stir Crazy’ in the Coronavirus Lockdown

Watching the shocking Video of a man in Madrid who disobeyed Lockdown getting his "just rewards"!

THE National Police have arrested a man in Moratalaz who claimed to be sick with coronavirus but when the police arrived he tried to attack them with two Samurai swords, police sources have reported.

The incident happened at 1.45pm on Hacienda de Pavones Street. A Samur-Civil Protection unit requested police support to control a man who claimed to be infected with Covid-19 and was very aggressive but when police arrived he tried to attack them with two swords.

Officers from the Police Intervention Unit (IPU) then moved to the scene, who had to fire two shots in the air to try to get him to put down his weapons.

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Ok, now this is where I break protocol and want to ask you, the EWN readers to make your own minds up as to whether the amount of ‘punishment’ the ‘officers’ handed out to the guy was justified. It’s both worrying and frightening and makes you wonder what would happen if you, me, your family and friends in Spain during this time ‘crack’ and do something similar.

Both videos were posted on Facebook by Mathew Dove and quickly went viral on most social media platforms.

Part 1 – the Trial.

In the first video, the man walks up and down the street just swearing at the police, well away from doing anyone any harm, so the police decide to RUN HIM OVER!

Zveřejnil(a) Mathew Dove dne Pátek 3. dubna 2020

As if that wasn’t enough, they finish the punishment for walking down the street with two swords with a jolly good and proper headbanging beating! disgraceful!

Part two – The Punishment

Zveřejnil(a) Mathew Dove dne Pátek 3. dubna 2020

Yesterday, the National Police arrested 33 people in Madrid for disobeying the authority for breaching the confinement, in addition to 865 fines.

In total, since the start of the State of Alarm on March 15, 14,372 fines have been handed out with 290 arrested by the police force in the region, according to data from Police Headquarters.


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