Telecommunication giants pledge to keep Portuguese hospitals, Covid-19 patients and their families connected

STAY CONNECTED: Hospital and COVID19 patients in Portugal will have access to tablets.

TELECOMMUNICATION giants Altice Portugal and Huawei have pledged to provide tablets, 4G mobile data connection and Wi-Fi infrastructure to guarantee communications to the thousands of Portuguese affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a statement, they expressed their commitment to connect the Ministry of Health’s hospitals, patients and their families.
It reads: “Altice Portugal and Huawei have made available to the Ministry of Health hundreds of communications equipment that will allow thousands of Portuguese to remain connected, namely health professionals and inpatients who, due to the circumstances imposed by the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19, are currently deprived of contact with their families.

“Deprived of contact with their family and friends, hospitalised patients thus have the opportunity to be closer to their family and friends through the technology of Altice Portugal and Huawei.”


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