Technology helps Improve Care for Children suffering from Butterfly Skin in Spain

Children like Gemelita need all of the help they can get Credit: DEBRA Butterfly Skin

A SPECIALIST technology company Docline has entered into an agreement with the NGO DEBRA Butterfly Skin (originally founded in Marbella) to facilitate the health care of people with the rare disease Butterfly Skin.

Docline will make available free of charge its platform to facilitate contact and telecare between DEBRA professionals and affected people.

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This initiative comes at a time when Covid-19 is attacking the health of those at their most vulnerable, such as children suffering from Butterfly Skin.

However latest technological advances brought about to tackle the coronavirus are transforming the health sector and Docline believes the use of digital tools can streamline processes, facilitate access to health information and health care itself.

DEBRA works to improve the quality of life for people suffering from the little understood disease known as Butterfly Skin. As it is such a rare disease and given the current circumstances, an expert team operates at the national level, formed by nurses, social workers and psychologists and currently carries out its work remotely.

The Docline online platform, which connects health professionals with patients, will enable DEBRA to use its system free of charge to serve families more effectively, in a secure online environment and with video calls.

As so much funding is raised from the DEBRA chain of charity shops, finances are difficult as they are now all closed but happily, landlords of shops in Valencia, Madrid, Malaga, Seville and Alicante Provinces have agreed to help by suspending rent payments.

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