Spain President extends lockdown & slightly loosens restrictions but warns more necessary extensions to come

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has asked the presidents of all regions for a list of buildings, both public and private, such as hotels, hostels and sports centres, which can be used as quarantine centres to house those diagnosed with Covid-19, with few or no symptoms. CREDIT: Shutterstock

SPAIN’S President Pedro Sanchez has confirmed that the country’s lockdown will be extended to at least April 26, and has warned that “more extensions will be necessary” to control the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

“We need to reduce the number of infected. We need more time,” stated Sanchez. “The lifting of restrictions will be gradual, and the government is currently working on those measures.”

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However, he has loosened some restrictions by allowing certain industries to go back to work after Easter. “The non-essential industries, like construction and manufacturing, which were stopped from operating last week until April 9, will be able to return to work after Easter, with additional controls and security measures,” he added.

Despite the bad news, he said we are “at the peak, and it will only be a matter of days when we see the curve start to drop.” The country registered fewer cases as well as fewer deaths yesterday. According to the Spanish Health Ministry, there was a slight drop in new Covid-19 infections with around 7,026 registered today, compared to yesterday’s 7,472. The country also registered fewer deaths in the last 24 hours – 809 compared to 932 the day before.


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