First of three €4.8m field hospitals in Spain’s Costa Blanca region will be ready to take Covid-19 patients on April 10

FIELD HOSPITAL IN ALICANTE: 450 people are working on the new facility which will open on April 10. CREDIT: Generalitat Valenciana Facebook

CONSTRUCTION of Alicante’s new field hospital began today and should be ready to take Covid-19 patients by April 10.

This is one of three emergency health facilities being built in the Community of Valencia – the other two in Valencia and Castellon – at a cost of €4.8 million.

Councillor for Justice, Gabriela Bravo said work on the Alicante plot starts today “with a two-day delay” due to technical problems, and that the additional health facility will remain open “for the necessary months” to deal with other emergencies.

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The construction of the three complementary health centres, one in each province, will be €4.8 million. “It is expected that the work will be completed and that the infrastructure of the field hospital in Alicante will be ready by April 10,” she added.

More than 450 people are working on the design, manufacturing and assembly of the 752 modules with capacity for up to 1,100 extra beds throughout the Valencian Community.

Bravo emphasised that the choice of this type of infrastructure “obeys criteria for effectiveness and optimisation of human and material resources.”

She added that it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health to ensure work on these facilities is carried out, and head of the department, Ana Barceló, responded by saying “the deadlines will be met.”




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