DOUBLE HEADED FAMILY BETRAYAL: Mum pays €15,000 for daughters dream wedding then steals her fiancé and marries him herself in Spain

Double Betrayal- Jenny (left) had no idea what was about to happen.

Jenny Thompson, 33, from Essex, said her world fell apart when she discovered her new husband was having an affair with her mum!


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DOUBLE BETRAYAL, read Jenny’s story:

“I met Juan whilst on holiday in Marbella, Spain, with my mum about 12 years ago, it was love at first sight, I was smitten and best of all, my mum really liked him too! We soon fell in love and after a heart to heart, me and mum rented an apartment in Marbella and Juan moved in, we had both given up our jobs at Morrisons, Spain was now our home!

Jenny had always dreamed of a  fairy tale wedding and luckily her mum was willing to pay for it, lashing  €15,000 on Jenny’s and Juan’s wedding.

“Six months later we were getting married in a beautiful ceremony on the beach in Marbella with friends and family. Mum looked on proudly as we exchanged vows, it was a brilliant day.

“Juan told me that he wanted to be with me forever and being young and naive i thought everything was going well. We hadn’t planned a family so soon, and when our daughter, Zara, was born we were all thrilled.”

Jenny’s mum even tagged along to their week-long honeymoon in Tenerife, but, when they returned three weeks later Jenny noticed a big difference in his ways.

She says: “He went out for hours and became protective over his phone.” Not long after, Jenny’s sister who had flown over to see her sister, discovered saucy texts between Sue and Juan when she borrowed her mum’s phone.

Eventually, she had to tell a  heartbroken Jenny who then confronted the pair…

Jenny says: “Mum denied everything, saying, ‘You’re crazy!’ When i confronted Juan he went white as a sheet – and refused to let me see his phone.”

Days later, Juan walked out and Jenny was left heartbroken. Describing her anguish, she says: “I felt like my world had ended, I was a 19-year-old kid with a kid.”

Things moved quickly between Juan and Sue, one minute Jenny heard they had moved in together and the next she spotted her mum walking down the street, cradling a swollen belly.

Jenny says: “When I saw her in the street and noticed she had a bump, my mind raced. She clutched her stomach and told me, ‘It’s a cyst.’ I felt so sick, I went home and destroyed all the photos of our wedding.”

“I couldn’t believe the two people I loved and trusted most in the world could betray me like this. It was sick. It’s one of the worst things a mum can do to a daughter.

“Juan was the love of my life but she’s my mum. She’s meant to love and protect me above all others. Instead, she stole my husband, shattering my family and my dreams. For that, I’ll never truly forgive her.”

Even so, for the sake of her daughter, Jenny was a bridesmaid at their wedding.

Jenny applied and eventually obtained a divorce but incredibly, Jenny attended and help arrange Juan and Sue’s wedding – for the sake of her daughter. She explains how her mum had tried to reach out a few times, once ambushing her in a car and another time writing her a letter, but Lauren couldn’t face it.

Things however recently took a terrible turn, with Jenny’s approval, Juan with Jenny’s mum moved back into their Marbella apartment, they all agreed it would be better for their daughter and help with Jenny’s rent.

Zoom forward to 2020: Little did anyone realise that something like the coronavirus would turn their worlds upside down…

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Incredibly they are all locked in the apartment in Marbella, all four of them and with no end in sight, Jenny is really worried about what might happen should they fall out with each other…

About Juan, Jenny says: “I speak to him as he’s married to my mum. I’ve asked him before to explain to our daughter and he just says it’s forgotten about now.”

Names and exact locations have been changed to protect the identities of the parties involved.



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