China pays tribute to more than 3,300 coronavirus pandemic victims with three minute’s silence

Employees of a restaurant in Beijing pay three minutes silence for the tribute to Chinese coronavirus victims
Employees of a restaurant in Beijing pay three minutes silence as a tribute to Chinese coronavirus victims

CHINA observed a three-minute silence this morning as a sign of respect for the 3,326 who died as a result of the coronavirus.


The number of deaths registered in China is 3,326 after having officially registered 81,639 cases.

Passengers from a coach paying tribute in Wuhan, China, the epicentre of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Anti-aircraft sirens started to sound at 10.00 local Chinese time, and immediately people started to stand still and traffic stopped on the streets, while trains, cars, and ships honked their horns in a tribute to the victims of the epidemic in China.


Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the Chinese flag has flown at half-mast to also honour the doctors who died during the fight against the pandemic.

Cases from abroad, China’s biggest concern now that new local infections are almost non-existent, have been declining in recent days, just 29 ‘imported’ cases were announced on Friday and 35 on Thursday, as was Wednesday.

The only local case as of midnight Friday was detected in Hubei, while there were 11 other suspected cases in China from abroad, the vast majority of whom are Chinese citizens returning to the country from other parts of the planet now severely attacked by the pandemic.


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