Reader’s letters: It seems somebody is not a lover of Leapy Lee’s views

Almost Twenty Migrants Dead Off Venezuelan Coast
Illegal immigrants Credit:Foreign policy

Dear Euro Weekly News.

SO now Loopy Lee (Leapy Lee) wants all illegals to be starved of benefits and left to die do I hear echoes of Katie Hopkins?

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These right-wing extremists are typical of the “I’m all right Jack” brigade and sod anyone else.

He speaks about the benefits handed out to the family of the Manchester bombers and once again blames Corbyn and Abbott, just a minute in case he hasn’t realised it’s his capitalist conservative government that has handed out these freebies and their inability to control where the money is going.

Legal or illegal these people are all human beings and in this current crisis, everyone should be helping to do what they can for each other including those less fortunate.

Ray Osborne
Los Alcázares


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