Reader’s letters: A troubled mind reaches out to columnist Leapy Lee

In a state of confusion. Credit: Shutterstock

Hi Leapy Lee,

As you know, here, in Spain, we are in a lockdown which is severely upheld by the army and the police and has just been extended to the middle of April, possibly, beyond.

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My mind is very confused by this virus. We know for sure that it began in China where we are told, it arose from a market where cats, dogs, snakes and bats are slaughtered and sold in appalling conditions.

The virus was identified in December last year, or earlier, but not announced to the rest of the world for at least two months or more.

Around the world where it has spread, there is now a desperate shortage of relevant medical equipment, drugs, sanitisers, masks, gloves and clothing.

The reason there is such a shortage of those items worldwide is due to the virus which began in China, and because most countries get their supplies of these products from guess where – China! This is because stricken countries that are now desperate for such products ceased manufacturing them a while ago because China does it cheaper.

Desperate countries are now buying masses of those products from China again, where, according to today’s news, their lockdowns are being eased and the Ground Zero markets where the virus began are now back in business as usual and booming!

Meanwhile, many countries, including the world’s economic leaders, will take 10 to 20 years to fully recover from the effects of the virus and the massive cost of the support they have had to give to businesses and their citizens.

If you follow my thoughts on this subject you may also feel that this entire economic and political merry-go-round needs serious investigation and a major rethink on how we and other countries handle the production of such critical products in future, which, in my opinion, the NHS should play a significant role in that.

This is my troubled mind talking while trapped in this unprecedented, worldwide lockdown.

Keep well, keep washing your hands and always look on the bright side of life. (Monty Python).

Kind regards,

William (who reads what you write and agrees with 99.9 per cent of it.)


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