Peak of coronavirus outbreak in the UK ‘may come Easter Sunday’


Matt Hancock has said it is ‘perfectly possible’ the deadliest day of the coronavirus outbreak will take place on Easter Sunday, with the potential of around a thousand deaths every 24 hours until then.

IT was claimed on Thursday the UK government had projected April 12 to be the worst day for deaths across the country – with 3,605 people already losing their lives to the virus so far.

In an interview on Friday, the health secretary said he would not ‘steer you away from that’ when questioned on the idea that the peak would not take place for nine more days. However, he added that there are ‘a lot of things that we do not yet know and this is one of them.’

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Speaking to Sky News, he said: ‘I defer to the scientists on the predictions that they make. I’m not going to steer you away from that, I think that is one perfectly possible outcome.

‘Of course, there is uncertainty around that, but part of the challenge of communicating about this disease and our response to it is that there are a lot of things that we do not yet know and this is one of them.

‘But we’re prepared for not only that eventuality, but also in case it’s worse than that, because I want to make sure that the NHS is prepared for all reasonable outcomes, as well as something that might be closer to the central projection.’




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