Kids encouraged to write about life under lockdown in Spain’s Costa Almeria

OUTLET: The council ask the children to write about how they are feeling. CREDIT: Ayuntamientio de Tijoa @AyuntamientoTijola

KIDS in Tijola are being encouraged to write about their lives under lockdown in a council-organised initiative to mark World Book Day.

The idea is to give the children and teenagers and opportunity to explain how they are using their time during the weeks of enforced confinement in their homes and to express how it is making them feel, whether that is sad, bored, angry, or simply missing their friends.

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The council said the project is also designed at making youngsters aware of what it means to go outside, to be able to go to school and to spend time with friends and family.

Participants have until April 23 to send in their entries, which should be no more than two pages long. They can also send in drawings to go with their work.

Entries should be photographed, the images clearly showing the name and age of the young author and the text, and sent to the Tijola Guadalinfo centre either by emailing to, or via a message on the centre’s Facebook page.

The local authority has promised a gift for every youngster who sends in an entry, to be handed out “when everything goes back to normal.”

The council also explained that all the entries will go into a book for the municipal library.

“For sure these small heroes will make us smile more than once today, and also tomorrow, when this is all a memory,” the administration commented on its Facebook page.


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