Coronavirus UK: Conman posing as health worker threatened 83-year-old dementia sufferer with Police arrest if she didn’t let him in

Coronavirus conman claiming to be health official steals from 83 year-old dementia sufferer

A coronavirus conman barged into the home of a lonely and susceptible  83-year-old woman claiming he was “from health and safety” and needed to check her property.

THE ‘bogus’ thief demanded £220 from the lady, who has dementia but left empty-handed after she told him she only had 20p in cash with her.

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Trading standards officers say this is an example of how con artists are exploiting the current crisis.

Years-old doorstep crimes and frauds are being revised to steal from people left alone and vulnerable by the coronavirus restrictions.

Cases of kindness within communities still far outnumber doorstep crimes, but those on the front line say there is an increasing risk of exploitation.

In the case of the 83-year-old woman, the cold caller repeatedly banged on the door and said she would be arrested if she did not let him in.


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