Coronavirus crisis security coordination in Spain’s Costa Almeria

OBLIGATION: The committee has to report daily to the Government Sub-deletation CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Vera

VERA Council has set up a dedicated coronavirus crisis commission to oversee security in the municipality.

The Covid-19 Security Coordination Committee is aimed at facilitating cooperation and coordination between the municipality’s Local Police and State law enforcement bodies during the health emergency.

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The move is in compliance with the Interior Ministry’s Operative Coordination Centre’s order to create the commissions in localities where there are Local Police forces for as long as the State of Alarm continues.

Vera mayor Jose Carmelo Jorge Blanco will coordinate the committee, and will have responsibility for organising meetings at least once a day so a report can be sent to the provincial government delegation.

The reports are to give information on the number of officers testing positive for Covid-19 and action take, such as quarantine. Also included will be details of specific actions taken to guarantee the functioning of essential services.

This refers to issues like protecting health centres and centres for the supply of essential goods, as well as the transport and distribution of products, and guarding public service infrastructure.

The committee must also report on actions to ensure compliance with the state of alarm, providing information on matter like the number of sanctions or arrests for restrictions violations.


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