Brawl in Murcia: Jail Time for Father and Son after Trying to Stab a Police Officer Breaking Up an Illegal Party in Spain

Woman Arrested For ‘Not Leaving Bench’
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Both individuals are being investigated for serious crimes of disobedience towards an officer of authority.

THE Judge of Instruction number 7 has sentenced the imprisonment of a father and his son, aged 47 and 20, respectively, for trying to stab an officer when he, and his peers, tried to prevent a party on the streets of Alcantarilla, Murcia, which seriously infringed upon the State of Alarm rules decreed by the government because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Both individuals are being investigated for serious crimes of continued disobedience to a police officer. Sources from the Superior Court of Justice in the Region of Murcia also reported that the father is being investigated for damage caused to a police vehicle.

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The police intervention occurred when a patrol car saw a group of approximately 15 people on the public pathway with music at full volume and consuming alcohol, clearly ignoring the obligations that residents have to abide to as a result of the Royal Decree established nationwide.

The people on the streets were all residents of the same neighbourhood and were only a few metres from their own homes, although one of the culprits refused to go home and stayed to confront the officers. He complained that he “would not be able to stay on the street,” he proceeded to call the officers “worthless” and said that he “will do what he wants.”

In addition, he began threatening to kill the patrol squad, for which the officers sanctioned him and arrested him.

This was when, from the balconies and windows, the neighbourhood began to throw glasses, ice and beer cans at the officers, causing them to have to take shelter to avoid injury.

Whilst officers were obtaining the identification and documentation of the first detainee, a second individual came out of his home and also addressed the officers in a very threatening way whilst going to retrieve his phone which he had forgotten on the table near the drinks whilst leaving in a rush.

The intervention became much more complicated when the officers were about to take them to the police station, residents from nearby began to come down and confront them.

When officers were going to transfer the detainees in the police car, several neighbours approached armed with flowerpots, glass bottles and sticks all lashing out at officers. One of the detainees managed to arm himself with a knife and tried to stab one of the police officers twice, but both times he failed.

Once police managed to arrest them, one of the detainees began to hit the vehicle and dislodge the door frame, which is why he is also being investigated for the crime of other damages.


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