Balearics could be last region in Spain to recover from devastating economic impact of coronavirus crisis

WARNING: The regional Employment minister said it could take some months for tourism activity to get going again. Credit:

THE Balearics could be the last region in Spain to recover from the devastating economic blow dealt by the coronavirus crisis due to its dependence on tourism, the islands’ government has warned.

Regional Employment and Economic Model minister Igor Negueruela has admitted that the islands’ tourism activity could take several months to get going again. He also delivered the bad news that April’s unemployment figures could be even worse than March’s 14.6 per cent increase.

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Negueruela said that companies in essential services would be reactivated first, and it would be those which mean people moving around, like tourism, which would be left to the end.

He also made the point that the archipelago does not only depend on itself, but also on how the crisis situation develops in Balearic tourism markets like the UK and Germany.

The two countries have entered into a health emergency situation later than Spain he said, plus workers there are also going to see their incomes hit by changes to the employment situation or to when they can take holidays.

The regional minister stressed the islands are going to need special assistance measures and an economic “reboot plan.”


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