A Nice Perk for Stay at Home Spanish MPs and Senators

The Spanish Parliament Building Credit Joan flickr

APART from their salaries, members of both the Lower and Upper Houses in the Spanish Parliament receive an untaxed monthly travel allowance of between €917 and €1,958 depending upon whether they are an MP or a Senator.

This payment is still being made even though the majority of MPs and Senators are not travelling to Madrid but are working from home and the monthly cost to the state is in excess of €1 million.

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Some MPs are giving up this payment and donating to charity, but by no means all.

In fairness, some have committed to rent properties in the capital to use when attending Parliament so that they need to keep paying landlords, but at least one MP who has donated his allowance to charity suggests that there are plenty of parliamentarians who should make the gesture for the good of the country.


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