Member of Swedish Royal Family faces Contagion by Helping out making food for Needy

Crown Princess Victoria in the kitchen Credit: Stockholm Stadsmission

SWEDEN’S Crown Princess Victoria is the patron of Stockholm Stadsmission a charity which helps the homeless and those in need who visit the St Paul centre every day.

As the country has controversially decided not to go on lockdown but wants to aim for ‘herd immunity’ in the country to combat coronavirus Covid-19 she made herself vulnerable to catching the virus just by turning up.

Not daunted, the Crown Princess said “I feel like so many others in the community that I want to do something and then it feels good to be here with you today. It is important that we who have the opportunity try to contribute and help in the ways we can. We can make a difference together.”


Her job was to prepare food for the elderly who were unable to get out and about to visit the charity and the food boxes are delivered by volunteers.

This time, each box was accompanied by a printed message of greetings from Crown Princess Victoria which may have come as something of a surprise from those who received it.


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