Lorry driver in Spain Arrested for Disabling Tachometer

The ‘doctored’ lorry and driver Credit: Guardia Civil

WHEN a lorry carrying a large amount of very large logs was spotted by Guardia Civil officers in A Coruña, the driver explained that he had a problem with the air brakes.

He was quite in order to be travelling as he was carrying essential material but as the officers opened the engine to see what was wrong, they noticed that the driver appeared to be very nervous.

Wondering why this was, they gave the vehicle a thorough examination and discovered that the driver had installed a device to disable the information contained on the tachometer which meant that it did not accurately record the speed of the vehicle, distance travelled and rest stops as required by law.


Despite his attempts to stop the recorder from working officers were able to reveal some information which indicated that he had not stopped as required on four separate occasions and then they ascertained that the vehicle was heavily overloaded by more than 10 per cent and could have caused an accident at any time.

They charged the driver on suspicion of falsifying documentation and the vehicle remained immobilised until part of the load was transferred to a second vehicle and the inhibitor was deactivated.


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