‘Covid-express’ units in Spain’s Mallorca to test for coronavirus

MEDICAL MOVE: Spain's private clinical diagnostic centres will collaborate with the national health service CREDIT: SalutGOIB Twitter @SalutGOIB

THE Balearic Island government has set up a new ‘covid-express’ unit to collect tests for coronavirus among medical professionals, social-health workers, people working in special services, and the most vulnerable groups.

The latest unit is to serve the Llevant region of the island and is located in the Miquel Angel Nadal sports centre car-park in Manacor.

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Managed by Primary Assistance it is the fourth such unit established on the island. There are already three operating in Palma, specifically in Establiments, Sa Indioteria and Es Pil·lari, which are carrying out between 70 and 80 tests a day.

A further unit is due to start operating in the Tramuntana area.

For the Llevant unit two marquees have been put up, along with a hut for health personnel. People must access the marquee in a vehicle where the staff will carry out the test while the person remains in the vehicle.  The unit operates from 8am to 1pm.

A coordination centre checks the lists of people the units should deal with in accordance with the requirements established by the Health Ministry.


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