WATCH: Capital of Spain’s Mallorca not giving up on 2020 tourism campaign

OPTIMISM: “And when this is over, we are your destination to start”, is the message from Palma. CREDIT: Palma Youtube

MALLORCA capital Palma is not giving up on the 2020 tourism campaign.

The city’s Tourism Foundation has released a new video to promote the local beaches with the upbeat message, “and when this is over, we are your destination to start.”


Te presentamos la nueva Playa de Palma, para que “cuando todo esto pase, sea tu destino para volver a empezar”. Vendrás a disfrutar de ella? #VisitPalmaAgradecimientos a FEHM Asociación de Hoteleros de Playa de Palma PalmaBeach y la Asociación Hotelera de Palma

Zveřejnil(a) Palma dne Úterý 31. března 2020

Ever since the State of Alarm came into force the foundation has been focusing its communications and social media posts on giving out useful information on how to manage the crisis situation and insisting on the importance of staying at home to stop the spread of coronavirus.

But at the same time, it is dealing with the emergency situation with a touch of optimism, sharing images of some of the Playa de Palma’s best loved locations and ideas for the times to look forward to.

Palma Tourism is planning a remodelling of the beach area this year with a view to improving its appeal as a visitor destination.

Tourism, Health and Consumer councillor Elena Navarro described the plans as “a grand public-private collaboration designed to improve the quality of this area, improving infrastructure, the leisure-sport offer, promoting sustainability, public spirit and a strong commitment to family tourism.”


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