Two Underage Girls in Costa del Sol’s Estepona Left Home Alone Are Rescued by Police as Their Father is Hospitalised Due to Coronavirus

Credit: Pexels

National Police officers in Estepona, Malaga, have rescued two underage girls who were left home alone during quarantine.

THE father of the young girls called 091 after being diagnosed with Covid-19, as his health worsened, and he was forced to hospitalise. The girls were left home alone as he had no one to take care of them and their mother was out of the country.

As this was the case, police officers took charge and dispatched a unit which specialises in children to help them find a temporary home within Malaga. This incident happened on March 24 after the father of the girls alerted police forces about his situation and that because of his hospitalisation he had left his two children unattended at home.

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The officers who were dispatched to the home were equipped with the corresponding comprehensive protection equipment (PPE) and upon their arrival they found the two girls alone at home. The minors were very nervous; however, the police officers began by calming them down and later reassured them that under no circumstance would they be alone again.

They also explained to the girls, in a suitable way for their age, that they would be temporarily relocated to a place where they will be taken in and cared for, until one of their parents could take care of them again.

Shortly after the police unit specialised in the care for minors took charge and, after various efforts, located a shelter for minors in the province of Malaga, where the two girls are now residing.


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