Spanish Town amends Budget to Cut Support for Bullfighting and Help Residents affected by State of Alarm

Bullfighting World: Spain's infamous sport is on the downfall. Credit: AnimaNaturalis

THE charity AnimaNaturalis in Spain which is a pressure group dedicated to the decent treatment of animals has just released news that the council in the town of Piedralaves in Castilla y Leon has made a momentous decision prompted by the coronavirus Covid-19 crisis.

Although governed by the Partido Popular which has always given the impression of being in favour of bullfighting, this council has unilaterally voted to modify the 2020 budget in order to divert €30,000 earmarked for support of bullfighting in order to allow it to reduce the cost of water for all registered residents of the town.

Other councils may well follow suit and use funds to support their own residents and the charity hopes that when Minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribe attends an emergency meeting with the Toro de Lidia Foundation that he will not agree to commit public money to assist the recovery of the bullfighting industry.



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