Spain has second highest number of Covid-19 patient recoveries in the world

RECOVERY RATE: Spain has the second highest number of people who have overcome COVID19. CREDIT: Johns Hopkins University

SPAIN has the second largest number of Covid-19 recoveries, after China, according to data from the Coronavirus Resource Centre in America.

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, has made available an interactive map, which shows Spain in the top three in the list of countries with the highest number of coronavirus discharges.

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First is China, with 76,207 cured people, followed by Spain with 19,259, ahead of Germany, which has 16,100 cured patients.

Italy is fourth on the list with 15,729 recoveries.

Elsewhere in the world, Iran has the fifth highest number of people who have overcome the virus, followed by France, America and South Korea.

The university says it is promising news that almost 20,000 people have been cured, which is more than 20 per cent of those infected with the virus.

If the trend continues, and State of Alarm measures remain in place, researchers say fewer people will be infected and more will be discharged.


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