Latest worldwide coronavirus statistics from Spain – Breaking news from the USA – Posted after midnight GMT


ACCORDING to the latest Worldometer statistics (at 00.30 GMT today), 858,127 people have been diagnosed with the coronavirus (Covid-19) around the world to date, compared to 784,381 yesterday.

Of today’s total, 638,846 people are currently infected, of which 32,310 (5 per cent) are in critical condition. Out of the remaining 219,281 cases, 177,141 have recovered or have been discharged, however, 42,140 have died from the disease.

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With 3,883 coronavirus-related fatalities, the US death rate not only exceeds that of China, but it also retains its lead position with 188,280 confirmed cases, followed by Italy (105,792) and Spain (95,923).

The US reported the most new cases (24,492) today too, followed by Spain (7,967), Germany (4,923) and Italy (4,053). However, Italy registered the most deaths today (837), followed by Spain (748) and the US (742).

In fact, the US President Donald Trump has warned Americans to prepare for a “very very painful two weeks ahead” as the country’s top scientists paint a grim scenario of the potential impact of the coronavirus crisis on the US. The country’s top medical experts have now estimated that the deadly virus could kill between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans, despite the recently introduced social distancing measures and restrictions on movement.

Source: Worldometer



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