British National among four others dead on coronavirus ‘Death Ship’ bound for Florida

British national dies on coronavirus-stricken cruise ship Zaandam
Briton dies aboard coronavirus-hit cruise ship heading to Florida

A British national is among four people to have died on a coronavirus-stricken cruise ship caught up in a bitter dispute over plans to disembark passengers in Florida.

IN what is being described as an unfolding humanitarian crisis, so far two of the four people to have died on the cruise ship Zaandam have been confirmed to have had Covid-19, with nine people aboard testing positive and 189 reporting flu-like symptoms.

Briton dies aboard coronavirus-hit cruise ship heading to Florida
The Zaandam cruise ship, left, has so far been refused entry at all of the ports it was booked to dock at, a sister ship (left) was dispatched by the cruise line with supplies and medical help last week.

“One of the deceased passengers is from the UK,” a spokesman for the Holland America cruise line, which operates the Zaandam, said in an email to the PA news agency.


“Due to US … laws, we cannot provide any additional medical and health details.”

The Zaandam, which is carrying more than 200 British nationals, and its sister ship the Rotterdam, passed through the Panama Canal on Monday after being denied entry to several ports. Both ships are seeking to dock in Florida later this week.

But the state’s governor is reluctant to allow disembarkation for the more than 1,000 people aboard the Zaandam.


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