They make them Tough on the Rock as 89-year-old woman beats Coronavirus Covid-19 to go Home

Julie Benatar being taken home by paramedics Credit: Screenshot GBC

AN 89-year-old woman with major health problems has made a miraculous recovery from coronavirus and after 17 days in total isolation, she is now back home in her Gibraltar apartment.

Grandmother Julie Benatar was one of the first people known to be infected in Gibraltar and she believes that she caught the virus from a care worker who visited her and appeared to have a cold.

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In an interview broadcast by the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) she said that she developed a bit of a cough and had a mild temperature so it came as quite a surprise when she was diagnosed as suffering from Covid-19.

Next thing she knew she was being rushed to hospital but then had to wait as the isolation room was still being made ready.

The cheerful pensioner said that she wasn’t too worried about her state of health but what really got her down was being alone for 17 days with only clinicians in masks to talk to and with no direct access to family.

She said she was so bored that she counted all of the bristles on her hair brush but couldn’t speak highly enough about the quality of treatment that she received at St Bernard’s Hospital which literally saved her life.

She had to wait for two negative tests before she was allowed out and when she finally left, members of staff at the hospital were on hand to give her a round of applause.

Now she has returned home, she is a little nervous as she doesn’t want any of her family who are allowed to be with her to catch the virus.

Her message to everyone is that as she is over 70 she must stay in lockdown but it’s much better to do it in the comfort of your own home than to be alone in a hospital isolation room.


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