Sex on the beach on Costa Del Sol during Spain’s lockdown could cost Latin lovers hefty €30,000

The randy pair were caught by National Police officers on night patrol, yesterday evening. CREDIT: Pixabay

A couple who were caught by police officers having a romp on Costa Del Sol’s Estepona beach during the country’s lockdown, could be slapped with a hefty €30,000 fine.

The randy pair were caught by the National Police Officers on night patrol yesterday evening. The couple – a Spaniard and Latina – were told they would be listed in a database that contains all lockdown restriction violations, and could be fined up to €30,000 for violating State of Alarm regulations.

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Apparently, according to the law enforcement authorities, they are not the first couple escaping for a “quickie”, to have been caught by police officers since the lockdown began. Several couples across the country that have been desperate to get some privacy have received similar warnings.


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