Protection for gender-based violence victims under Spain’s lockdown

HIGH-RISK: Gender-violence victims are especially vulnerable in the current situation of enforced confinement in the home. CREDIT: Shutterstock

THE Spanish government is adopting measures to guarantee the protection and assistance of victims of gender-based violence under the coronavirus state of alarm.

The royal decree set to be approved by the cabinet today, Tuesday will also declare assistance for victims of sexual exploitation as essential services.

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The government sees gender violence victims as a particularly vulnerable group in the current situation of obligatory confinement in the home where they may be forced to live with their aggressor.

The measures pushed forward by the Equality Ministry mean emergency and reception centres, shelters and safe accommodation for victims of violence against women, sexual exploitation or treatment for the purposes of sexual exploitation will all have essential service status. They will all be equipped with individual protection equipment for staff.

Where centres have no safe accommodation places available, victims will be put up in hotels, Spanish media reported.

At the same time the decree will guarantee the normal functioning of the safety system telematically to ensure compliance with cautionary measures and restraining orders.

Anyone working in direct contact with victims in emergency and reception centres will have to follow Health Ministry safety protection recommendations.


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