‘On the edge’ ICU in Costa Blanca’s Alicante Province record 20 deaths in the last 24 hours

SATURATED: ICU at General Hospital of Alicante is full. CREDIT: GVA Departamento de Salud Alicante Hospital General Facebook

INTENSIVE Care Units units in Alicante Province are ‘on the edge’ as another 20 deaths are recorded in the last 24 hours.

ICU at the General Hospital of Alicante, Sant Joan and Torrevieja are full and the government is now considering transferring patients between communities.

In just one week the number of admissions to the province’s ICUs has increased by 178 per cent and yesterday there were 118 patients requiring intensive care in the province due to respiratory complications caused by the coronavirus (up 14 on Sunday).

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The vast majority of the patients are in the public network hospitals, which have 129 admission beds, although patients have also been admitted to private clinics.

In total, between public and private centres, there are 195 ICU beds plus those ‘extraordinarily equipped.’

Marina Baixa is experiencing the biggest problem dealing with the number of patients, and in the last few hours has reportedly had to transfer at least three people to ICU at private clinics in the area because its ‘service is saturated.’

In the province’s largest two hospitals, the General Hospital of Alicante and the Sant Joan Hospital, the ICUs are completely full of coronavirus patients.

In Sant Joan Hospital yesterday afternoon, some patients were admitted to operating rooms due to the lack of beds in the ICU.

Sources at the General Hospital of Alicante say they if they don’t reach the peak of admissions soon, there will be capacity problems by the end of the week.



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