Mountain villages in Spain’s Costa Almeria block access roads to keep coronavirus out

CONCERNS: The councils wanted to ensure people don’t try and get to their holiday homes in the villages CREDIT: Ayto Fondon Corazon de La Alpujarra

MOUNTAIN villages Fondon, Laujar and Fuente Victoria have closed off their access roads to try and keep coronavirus out.

CREDIT: Ayto Fondon Corazon de La Alpujarra
CREDIT: Ayto Fondon Corazon de La Alpujarra

Concerns over the number of people living in Almeria City and the coastal region who have holiday homes in the three Alpujarra localities, along with national government warnings that this is a critical week for Spain in the fight against Covid-19, prompted the councils of the three to agree to restrict movements in and out from Monday morning onwards.

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The closures have been established in collaboration with the Guardia Civil and Civil Protection.

Law enforcement officers are tightly controlling the handful of roads which remain open: one accessing Fondon and one to Fuente Victoria. Two roads to Fuente Victoria are still open.


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