Lockdown Law Breakers in Murcia: Spanish Police make over 100 arrests during the weekend

Traffic Police in Murcia southeast Spain repeat "Lockdown is Lockdown" after fining over 100 drivers

THE National Police in Murcia filled up the coffers of the town hall with thousands of euros worth of fines they had handed out to ‘the stupid people who don’t understand that Lockdown means Lockdown’!

A series of trafico roadblocks in Murcia over the weekend resulted in the issuing of thousands of euros in fines for mainly Spanish disgruntled motorists.

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To their surprise, the officers also came across many drivers from Madrid who had ignored the recent lockdown law regards unnecessary journeys, they received substantial penalties too. Residents of Murcia recently complained about the potential Coronavirus threat from the thousands of Madrilenians who swarmed the area trying to escape the dire conditions in Spain’s capital.



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