ICU nurse ‘s heartfelt message to families of Covid-19 patients on the Costa Blanca and fellow health workers

EMOTIONAL MESSAGE: ICU nurse reassures families.

AN ICU nurse in Alicante has written an emotional letter to the families of patients hospitalised with coronavirus, who are now separated due to risk of infection, and understandably scared and worried.

And Elena Arráez, a nurse at Sant Joan Hospital, has penned a message to all health workers fighting the pandemic.

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She addresses the hearfelt message “to you who have stayed behind our doors, leaving your family member in our hands and leaving your broken heart here.”

Printed in Informacion, the letter goes on to say: “To you we want to say that in these moments of crisis, our hands are your hands. We are united in one big heart and all of us, every time we enter to do some technique that your family needs, we put our soul in it. We are all one, and in these difficult times we have learned: to smile beneath our masks, to kiss with the soul, to embrace with the look, to caress with thought.”

Elena reassures families that “we care for them as if they were our family, because if there is one thing we have learned from this pandemic, it is to be one. Your family members are not alone, we are here with them.”

And she promised that all staff are “working tirelessly so that soon you will be able to embrace them.”

To her fellow care workers fighting round the clock to contain the virus and save lives, Elena said “to you, who wake up every morning while the city still sleeps in its isolation, to you, who cross the desolate stage from home to hospital, holding back your tears.

“To you, who clothe yourself in the EPIS with the sole and permanent company of fear and yet hold on to your sometimes precarious tools. You, who can’t even hug your fellow sufferers when they collapse, and go home, even more afraid of infecting your own.

“To you, health professional, we will never be grateful enough. Keep it up, together we’ll beat it. Thank you for your solidarity. Much strength and encouragement.”


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