Helping those in Need in one town on the Costa del Sol Spain

Some of those involved and their activities Credit: Ayuntamiento de Manilva

THE Charitable Society of St George is an association in the Manilva/Sabinillas area of the Costa del Sol which was set up to help those in need.

Their president Dean Tyler Shelton who for many years was a local councillor has confirmed that more than 23 people are currently being looked after with the daily delivery of food by the association and this number is increasing daily.

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Members are undertaking home service work to buy medical prescriptions for older people, are helping to take them for consultations at the hospital and for families who have very young children are obtaining their needs from a pharmacy.

As many of the members speak Spanish and another language, they are also assisting those who need to communicate with Spanish authorities for any reason.

All of this has been recognised by the mayor of Manilva, Mario Jiménez, who on behalf of the town council has formally thanked all of those involved for the work that they are doing at this time of crisis with Covid-19 and the State of Alarm.


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