Guardia Civil Officers Give up their Spare Masks and Gloves and Buy Food for Homeless People in Spanish town

Seeing the eight to their new home Credit: Guardia Civil

A DECISION was made to transfer eight homeless people from a hostel in Cerro Muriano, an area in Cordoba Province to a safer hall of residence in Cordoba itself and local Guardia Civil officers were sent to arrange the transfer.

When they arrived however they were told that the eight were awaiting food, medical supplies and masks and gloves and that they were worried about leaving since none of this had materialised.

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In order to assist, the officers gave them masks and gloves from personal supplies carried in their cars and drove off to purchase food with their own money in order to ensure that the transfer could take place.

The local authorities managed to secure the necessary medication for those who needed it and the eight were eventually placed on board a coach so that they could be taken to their new, better equipped home for the duration of the lockdown.

Officers were touched by the show of thanks and affection given by the people that they helped.


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