European residents ‘doing well’ in Almuñecar

credit: Pixabay

MARIA DEL CARMEN REINOSO, Social Services councillor, recently contacted representatives from European residents’ groups and associations in Almuñecar.

More than two weeks into the stringent conditions that the national government introduced to stop the spread of the coronavirus, she was keen to find out how they were managing during the State of Emergency.

“At present everything is going well for this collective, the groups’ representatives told me,” Reinoso said.


“Even so we have told them that as the majority are elderly, they should get in touch with us if the need should arise so that we can attend to this in the same way that we have already helped other residents,” she added.

Many of Almuñecar’s non-Spanish residents spend long periods in the town during the autumn and winter, going home in April and May, the councillor commented.

“Nevertheless, owing to the situation, many have returned earlier than usual this year,” she said.





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