Party hostess arrested in Spain’s Costa Almeria

GATHERING: Police found more than a dozen party-goers at the apartment CREDIT: Shutterstock

POLICE arrested a 53-year-old woman in El Ejido for throwing a party in her apartment on Saturday night for about a dozen people despite the State of Alarm orders on social isolation.

Officers surprised the revellers after neighbours alerted the authorities there were several people gathered on the property’s roof terrace.

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According to reports the party hostess became ‘hostile’ when the police showed up and pointed out she and her guests were violating the coronavirus crisis emergency restrictions, leading to her detention on a charge of disobedience.

Officers also filed reports on all the others there for ignoring the prohibition on leaving their homes other than for necessary and justified reasons.

El Ejido police have reported more than 200 citizens for being out on the street without good reason since the State of Alarm came into force and six establishments for remaining open to the public when they do not qualify as an essential activity or service.


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