Costa Blanca City’s Hotels, Bars, and Restaurants are Calling on Helping Hand from Local Council

Elche in busier and happier days.

A HOSPITALITY association has written to Elche’s mayor, Carlos González, calling for urgent help for hotels, bars and restaurants which have been closed down under the State of Alarm.

They say that many businesses in the area will go bankrupt if positive action is not taken by Elche Council.

María del Mar Valera, president of the Elche-based Provincial Association of Hospitality Entrepreneurs of Alicante (APEHA) has asked the authority to produce a package of measures to help her members during and after the enforced shutdown.


APEHA has asked for a variety of taxes to be refunded that many businesses would have paid already and for the next period of payments to be extended or put aside.

The group also wants non-refundable subsidies to cover certain bills like water and for any building improvement work that would have been done recently.

Another demand is for help to pay rents not just during the State of Alarm periods, but for two months after it finishes.

Looking ahead, APEHA have suggested that once normality is restored, a major campaign should be launched by Elche Council to focus on promoting the area’s tourism and hospitality sectors.


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