BREAKING NEWS: US extends social distancing rules for 30 more days as Covid-19 cases soar to 135,000+

Portugal now has around 10,524 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 266 people have died from the disease to date.

US President Trump has announced today that the Federal Government’s social distancing guidelines have now been extended until April 30. The extension comes as the number of coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in the US soars to 135,000+. He said plans to prolong the social distancing guidelines will be formalised on Tuesday.

The social distancing guidelines urge people in the US to stay at home and not gather in groups of more than 10 people. Initially, Trump announced a 15-day deadline, hoping that the rules could be relaxed by April 12. Today’s move, however, demonstrates that he has backed down from the comments he made just last week, when he said he hoped the country would be “ready and raring to go by Easter.”

When Trump was asked if his ‘optimistic assessment’ was a mistake, he replied “no,” adding that “it was just an aspiration.”


Trump’s latest announcement comes as coronavirus cases in the country continue to rocket and fatalities double in just two days.



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