Pigeon feeders among State of Alarm restriction offenders in Costa Blanca’s Alicante

BREACHING RESTRICTIONS: Alicante police denounce people feeding pigeons in the park during lockdown

ALICANTE police have issued 600 fines in the first fortnight of State of Alarm, and denounced 2,700 people for breaching restrictions, some to feed pigeons in the park.

In today’s report, the Security Department of the City Council said Local Police in Alicante had also intercepted 1,500 vehicles at control points, and fined 10 people travelling on a public bus ‘without urgent cause.’

Three people have been arrested for ‘disobedience,’ several groups of revellers have been broken up and a handful of establishments have been closed down for operating while under lockdown.

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The Local Police has stepped up fixed and mobile controls, both on vehicles and people, throughout the city, with the number of police actions increasing daily.

A source said offences can be hard to believe, including ‘closing a cafeteria which remained open, denouncing groups of people feeding pigeons in a park, and others fixing cars and bikes in the street.’


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