Fleeing driver copped for violating lockdown restrictions and attacking an officer in Spain’s Mallorca

DGT to intensify alcohol and drug controls in Almeria
DGT to intensify alcohol and drug controls in Almeria. image: guardia civil

A DRIVER who sped off in Alcudia when Guardia Civil told him to pull over is under arrest on a series of charges.

A patrol spotted the vehicle going at high speed down a road on Saturday afternoon and indicated for him to park up to check why he was driving so fast and why he was out. Instead the driver put his foot down.

Officers set off in pursuit and caught up with him after a chase of several kilometres when he crashed his car into a lamppost, causing significant damage, although he was uninjured.


But it didn’t end there.

When the officers approached the 27-year old he turned violent and attacked one, and tried to get away on foot.

It turned out he had no driving licence, no insurance for the car and had never registered the vehicle in his name.

The 27-year old faces charges of assaulting an officer, resisting and disobeying authority, traffic offences and violating the coronavirus health emergency state of alarm restrictions.


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