Costa Blanca firefighters make 100 prototype masks in 24 hours for colleagues on the frontline

INCREDIBLE SOLIDARITY: ALicante firefights launch initiative to help frontline colleagues across the board. CREDIT: SPEIS

PROTECTIVE screens and gowns are being handmade by Alicante firefighters to donate to the city’s police officers and health personnel in an initiative launched yesterday.

In just 24 hours, they made more than 100 masks which were immediately handed over to frontline workers.

They are now calling on companies to donate necessary materials so that they can keep up with demand, and asking the public to get on board.

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Teams are working in shifts to make the ‘reinforced’ masks, adding a PVC screen which covers the whole face, for added protection, and fitted with an elastic band so that it can be secured tightly to the head.

They are reusable, provided disinfected properly, and allow for full visibility with added protection.

The firefighters from the Fire Prevention and Extinction Service of the Security Department (SPEIS), have designed two prototypes, one which can be moved in various positions and one with velcro so the screen can be replaced.

And there is a way for people with 3D printers to help out, creating protective visors.

The firefighters have also created disposable gowns, following a request from their healthcare colleagues, using plastic bags with fastening systems to make them easier to use.

The manufacture and distribution is carried out daily in the city’s two fire stations.
In a statement, the Department of Security congratulated the efforts of the firefighters “in this important initiative which helps in the fight against coronavirus, providing necessary protection material requested by health services and security forces, to give them more protection so they can carry out their work more safely”.

Materials needed include: A4 format transparent PVC sheets, Velcro, elastic bands and cord, silicone guns and refills, large size plastic bags bags.

If you are a company which can help, or have a 3D printer and want to get involved, email: to find out more.
Health or security personnel in need of masks or gowns are asked to email:

In a message of solidarity, Alicante firefighters said: “Together we will get there.”


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