Caught out on for travelling to Spain’s Costa Almeria for weekend in violation of lockdown restrictions

ORDER IGNORED: The individual failed to follow Guardia instructions and stuck to their plan to spend the weekend in Viator CREDIT: Guardia Civil Twitter @guardiacivil

GUARDIA CIVIL arrested an individual in Viator after they came to the Costa Almeria for the weekend.

When officers first pulled the driver over at a checkpoint they told officers they worked in Malaga from Monday to Friday and came to their property in Almeria for Saturday and Sunday.

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The Guardia informed them that their journey was not allowed under the coronavirus crisis lockdown restrictions and they had to remain in their habitual home in Malaga. But on Saturday officers spotted the car parked in Viator.

Instead of following Guardia instructions they had evaded the control to stick to their plans to spend the weekend at their Almeria home.

The individual was subsequently detained for abandoning their usual residence under article 7 of the State of Alarm Royal Decree.


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